Certificate in Financial Accounting (Tally)


The Certificate in Financial Accounting (Tally) offered by Inception Edutech is a comprehensive program designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the field of financial accounting. This diploma covers essential topics such as bookkeeping, financial statement analysis, taxation, auditing, and computerized accounting systems. Through practical training and guidance from experienced instructors, students gain proficiency in handling financial transactions, analyzing financial data, and ensuring compliance with accounting principles and regulations. Whether you are a fresh graduate seeking to enter the finance industry or a working professional looking to enhance your accounting expertise, our DFA course provides a strong foundation for a successful career in financial accounting. Join Inception Edutech and take the first step towards a rewarding journey in the world of finance.


  • Fundamentals Of Computer.
  • Operating System (Dos,Win XP,7/8)
  • MS office (WORD, EXCEL,)
  • Tally 9 with GST
  • Fact.
  • Project
  • Fact,
  • Depreciation,
  • Interest Calculation,
  • Concept of D-Mat,
  • Banking Rules of the Company,
  • Labour Laws.
  • Income Tax, Filing up of Returns.

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