Certificate in Hardware Networking Engineering (CHNE)


The Certificate in Hardware Networking Engineering (CHNE) offered by Inception Edutech is a comprehensive program designed to equip students with the necessary skills in the field of hardware networking. This certificate course covers a range of topics, including computer hardware components, networking protocols, network configuration, troubleshooting, and security fundamentals. Through hands-on training and expert guidance, students gain practical experience in setting up and maintaining computer networks effectively. Whether you are a beginner or an IT professional seeking to specialize in networking, our CHNE course provides a solid foundation for a successful career in this in-demand industry. Join Inception Edutech and embark on a transformative journey towards becoming a skilled hardware networking engineer, ready to meet the challenges of the modern digital world.


  • Computer Fundamentals.
  • O.S, Computer Architechture.Switch Mode Power Supply, Motherboard & Microprocessor.
  • FDD,HDD,VDU,& CD ROM,Mouse,Keyboard,Modem.
  • Assembling Of Computer.
  • UpGradating Of Computers.
  • BIOS,CMOS,Setting HDD Partition,F disk.
  • Installation Of O.S
  • Installation Of Modem,Sound,VGA,LAN,Adapter.
  • Installation & Configuration Of Internet.
  • Installation Of Multimedia.
  • Trouble Shooting.
  • Formating, System Transfer & backup.
  • Concept of LAN & Overview Of Networking.
  • Computer Viruses and Viruses Handling.
  • Repair Of Faults & Testing.

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