PGDCA Course in Guwahati

Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application (PGDCA)

PGDCA Course in Guwahati - Course Overview

Welcome to Inception Edutech Post-Graduate Diploma in Computer Application (PGDCA) program in Guwahati! Our comprehensive and advanced course is designed to provide participants with specialized knowledge and skills in computer applications. As a leading institute, we take immense pride in offering a well-structured PGDCA course that covers a wide range of topics, including advanced programming languages, database management, web development, software engineering, and data analytics.

At Inception Infotech, we understand the importance of staying competitive in today’s digital age. That’s why our PGDCA course in Guwahati is carefully crafted to keep you at the forefront of technology. With a focus on practical hands-on learning, participants gain valuable experience in coding, database management, web development, and software engineering, preparing them for diverse and exciting career opportunities in the IT industry.

PGDCA Course Key Learning Objectives

  • Advanced Programming Skills: Acquire proficiency in advanced coding, algorithms, and problem-solving through hands-on projects.
  • Database Administration: Develop skills to manage complex databases, ensuring efficient data retrieval and security.
  • Full-Stack Web Development: Build feature-rich web applications and interactive user interfaces using front-end and back-end technologies.
  • Software Development Lifecycle: Understand the entire software development process, from requirements analysis to deployment.
  • Data Analysis and Visualization: Learn to analyze and visualize data using statistical tools and techniques.

PGDCA Course Benefits

  • Experienced Faculty: Learn from industry experts with extensive experience in computer applications and software development.
  • Real-World Projects: Engage in practical projects to apply learned skills and gain real-life experience.
  • Industry-Relevant Curriculum: Stay updated with the latest trends and technologies in computer applications.
  • Interactive Learning: Participate in live sessions, workshops, and group discussions for interactive learning.
  • Personalized Support: Receive individual attention and feedback to maximize learning outcomes.

PGDCA Course Details

  • Fundamentals of computer.
  • Operating System (Dos, windows)
  • Microsoft Office (Ward, Excel, Powerpoint, Access)
  • Pagemaker
  • Photoshop
  • Corel Draw
  • Hardware (Concept)
  • Tally.
  • C++.
  • Visual Studio &┬áVisual Basic.
  • Typing in English & Regional Language.

Embark on a transformative journey with Inception Infotech’s PGDCA course in Guwahati. Gain specialized knowledge and expertise in computer applications, acquire valuable skills in-demand by the industry, and open doors to lucrative career opportunities. Join us now and empower yourself to thrive in the digital era!


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